If you’ve hesitated in the past over Google Adwords, then this is an opportunity for you really find out what it can do for your business, without having to commit to a long term contract. This isn’t just a 3 month implementation of Google Adwords, but an intensive fast track program that will quickly demonstrate for you what results can be achieved using Adwords’ powerful marketing tools.

Contained in this package are the layers of Google Adwords that have proven themselves invaluable for B2B marketing:

For a concentrated period, you can experience the full power of Google Adwords’ B2B marketing tools, as well as our extensive Adwords expertise and knowledge.

Experience the freedom and flexibility outsourcing provides

Google Adwords novice?

Don’t know how Google Adwords will best fit your business? Our 3 Month Lead Generation Test will provide you with our expert marketing help and advice so you can fast track the implementation of Google Adwords in your business and start seeing results fast.

Not enough time to spend on your Google Adwords?

Do you spend too much time tinkering with your account, without ever seeing the results you want? Get your hours back and see what our expert Google Adwords knowledge can do for your online marketing. Stop throwing time away and start making the most of Adwords!

What can you expect during the 3 Month Lead Generation Test?

We know that the number one question you’ll want answered is: “Can Adwords help me get more clients?”.

Before we kick off, we’ll arrange a meeting with you to make sure we get the goals and targets for the 3 month project firmly in place – these will be realistic targets based on our expert insight into how well we know Adwords will work for your business.

For the next 3 months your job will be simple – leave things to us! We’ll be super busy over this intensive period, building and optimising your account. We’ll provide you with full monthly reports at the end of each month, as well as full access to your account throughout so you can see all the changes we’ve made for yourself.

Be ready on your chosen start date and all our expertise will be used to manage your Google Adwords activity!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

GuaranteeDigital Gearbox is a company that strongly believes in the marketing power of Google Adwords. We like to say that we practice what we preach, therefore measurability and accountability underline everything we do.

We have complete confidence in both the Adwords platform and our expertise, which allows us to offer you our exclusive guarantee. We’ll work closely with you to agree on your goals before we start work and offer a money-back guarantee* if your targets are not met.

I want to find out more about the B2B Packages!

Call our friendly team today, or fill out an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you in no time to answer all your questions on how Google Adwords can help you achieve your goals.


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*Terms and conditions apply – see page for details

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