eCommerce Masterplan Virtual Summit Presentation: 6 Hidden Adwords Gems For Customer Acquisition In this presentation, our Managing Director, Becky Hopkin, reveals her 6 hidden Adwords gems for customer acquisition. These are include key strategies and approaches with the Google Adwords that seem to be a bit under the radar at the moment, and are commonly missing from the accounts that we review for people that are wondering what to do with their Adwords accounts to drive more sales.

This 45 minute presentation was originally put together for the eCommerce MasterPlan Virtual Summit, a free virtual summit filled with over 20 hand-picked eCommerce experts, including our Becky. The summit is full of incredibly high quality free training resources, including this presentation, that are all packed with ideas you can use to grow the sales and profits in an eCommerce business.

Topics discussed include:
– Applying the 7 Levels To Your Google Adwords Search Campaigns
– Doing Google Shopping Campaigns Properly
– Target Your Ideal Customers Through Google Display Advertising
– Test Gmail Advertising
– Remarket Beyond Your Website Visitors
– Bring Your Products Into YouTube Ads

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