Google Adwords Keywords is probably the most dangerous marketing tool in the world.

It’s not too difficult to get a Google Adwords account created and quickly spending your advertising budget; however to bring traffic to your site that will help you consistently hit targets is another question altogether. It’s even easier to recklessly spend your budget without really knowing whether it’s bringing you quality traffic. With this in mind, it can be not only a lot simpler, but also more lucrative to allow an Adwords specialist to set your account up for you to ensure it gets off to a brilliant start.

Using our tried and tested set up will help you blast off into Adwords superstardom!  We’ll get you set up for success with the relevant levels campaign levels relevant to your business that will help you to manage the trade-off between driving enough volume and hitting your profit targets.

We will s

In this campaign you will have only one adgroup, and very few keywords. Literally just your own brand name.

Full of keywords that tie your brand name to your key products and categories. “{your brand} gift”, “{your brand} skirts” etc.

Product Names
This campaign is more focused and hones in on the names of individual products that you are offering.

Wedging your name in there is always important. This campaign involves bidding on your competitors’ names so your ads can show up when people search for your competitors.

Product Descriptions
For this campaign we start describing the products (rather than naming them). “red dress”, “blue skirt”, “draught excluder” etc.

Here we’re bidding on keywords that describe your categories on the website, not the products.

Research Terms
At the final level we get very wide ranging in our keywords choices. Think of the terms people are searching on as they start their buying journey.

Our account set up includes:

When used correctly and optimised to its full potential, Google Adwords can revolutionise the way your business operates online. It can bring new customers to your business, raise brand awareness and even create lasting customer relationships. Whether you want to get your name out there or create business ‘regulars’, the power of Adwords allows you to achieve multiple diverse aims for your business online.

You have the ideas and plans, we have the Adwords expertise. Super-charge your online advertising with our help — once it’s broken down and the foundations are there, it won’t seem like rocket science!