Enjoy additional traffic from offline website promotion!

Your company website is a great place for customers, stake holders and enquirers to engage with your brand and purchase from you if you are running an ecommerce site. There are numerous channels to promote your site online, but offline website promotion is also crucial. When used effectively offline website promotion can be cost effective […]

What is Adwords Editor?

Adwords Editor is a free tool offered by Google to help manage your PPC accounts much more efficiently. It really is worth taking the time to download and get to grips with Adwords Editor as it can make your PPC efforts 100,000,000,000% more efficient. Here is how:

How Do I Make Money From Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is based on users having input into both the scope and content of the site. Many large sites have used the principles of web 2.0 very successfully (e.g. Facebook and Wikipedia) and have quickly built vast numbers of visitors and frequent users. However, these sites have struggled to monetise their users – Facebook […]

Instore Website Promotion

With retail becoming increasingly multi channel, there are many ways of promoting your company’s website instore. Everyone who visits your high street store is expressing an initial interest in your product range, even if they do not purchase during their store visit. In the vast majority of cases, once they have left your store you […]

Matching Collars and Cuffs

The Chinese Cafe opposite our office had a new sign put up over the door this week. It’s a fantastic sign – whereas the old one was fairly tatty, pain peeling, and predominantly white. The new one is bright red, 3D, and lit up. It’s made quite a striking difference and essentially bought the signage […]