Google Remarketing Layers – Infographic

This is a very simple infographic that runs through the 2 key ways you can Layer Remarketing over other aspects of adwords. Dynamic Remarketing (Remarketing plus PLAs) RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads = Remarketing plus Core Keywords) We covered this in last week’s Awesome Adwords Seminar which you can watch here.

The Adwords Auction – Infographic

The Adwords Auction really isn’t talked about enough, and there are many PPC people out there who’ve never heard the term. So let’s get talking about it now. The Adwords Auction is the process by which Google decides which ads get to appear where when someone searches. How they decide whether it’s you or someone […]

A Master Guide to PLAs – Infographic

Later today I’m running a live free seminar all about Setting up and optimising Product Listing Ads – but if you want a head start this is a great infographic. The Seminar will run through how to set up your PLAs for maximum impact, and then how to optimise them. You can sign up here […]

Optimise those text ads! – Infographic

All my blogs this week seem to be about neglected areas of adwords! So here’s another one, Text Ad Optimisation. Of all the 1,000s of Adwords adgroups I look at it each year it never fails to shock me just how many lack ANY adtext testing. Fair enough, not all adgroups generate enough traffic for […]