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Google Adwords is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. However, if you don’t regularly optimise your account you could be losing out. Wasting some or your most important resources – time and money.  If you are using Adwords, you will recongise that it is a complex tool, and with regular changes rolled out by Google it can be hard to stay on top.

For just £29.99 we’ll get under the bonnet of your Adwords account to check that it’s running at an optimal level for 2016.  Our MOT will provide you with a detailed Adwords report on the status of the key areas of the account, with our experts tips for improvements in order to generate more leads and sales for your business, for less money.

And just in case you need some help getting your account up to scratch we’ll provide you with a breakdown of the time and costs required to implement the recommendations, giving you the opportunity to determine which work you want carried out, when and by whom.

Comprehensive Adwords Report

What will your MOT adwords report cover?

The MOT will look at all of the following areas of your account:

How does the MOT work?

As soon as you’ve booked your MOT our team will get straight to work combing through your account.  They’ll look at all the elements in detail and then manually produce a report – all the results will be back with you in just 2 working days. The report will include your MOT Warnings and Recommendations List which identifies what needs to be done to optimise your account and save your business money.

Once you have had time to look through your adwords report you can then book a 30 minute follow up call with one of the team.  This phone call will give you 1:1 time with on of our experts who now knows your account inside and out – they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about the report and your account.

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Comprehensive Adwords Report