Struggling to get your Visitors to Convert?

We’ve all ummed and ahhed before making purchases and there are thousands of different reasons that someone might end up delaying their decision. Whether it’s price, the need for more research or a simple distraction, failing to complete a purchase is a daily occurrence in the world of online shopping. That’s where Dynamic Remarketing comes into play.Remarketing Diagram

Make buying your Products Irresistible

It’s enormously frustrating to see your products being viewed by quality traffic, but not selling as fast as you’d hoped.

This is an especially big problem for those ‘big decision’ purchases, where your customers will be parting with a significant amount of money. How do you guide them down the buying path, instead of losing the sale or (even worse!) being trumped by your competition?

The answer lies with Google Display Network’s secret weapon; Dynamic Remarketing.

What is it?

Dynamic Remarketing takes the essence of marketing to your past visitors a step further, by showing them adverts tailored to the exact products they were previously viewing.

What does it do?

Dynamic Remarketing gives potential customers a helpful reminder of the items they were interested in, making it incredibly easy for them to return to you and complete their purchase! You can also use Dynamic Remarketing to suggest new items to customers, based on the kind of things they have previously bought. Now how cool is that?

How does it work?

Dynamic Remarketing works similarly to ‘vanilla’ Remarketing, using a tag on your website to collect data from your visitors. However, the tag will also need to collect product ID data from your Product Feed, which will provide the information on what each visitor is viewing.

It’s because of this that Dynamic Remarketing is an excellent companion to Google Shopping Campaigns!

How can Digital Gearbox help me?

Digital Gearbox are Google Partners, meaning that not only to we see ourselves as Ads Experts, but Google does as well! We have a deep understanding of the digital marketing needs of a wide range of business types, built on our years of experience working with our roster of wonderful clients. We’ve incorporated Dynamic Remarketing campaigns into several of our clients Ads strategies and the results are nearly always spectacular.

Our Dynamic Remarketing Package

Dynamic Remarketing
Want a sophisticated Dynamic Remarketing strategy incorporated in your Ads strategy? Luckily, we’ve made getting this powerful tool really simple as it’s included free when you choose us to run your Google Shopping and Remarketing campaigns.

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I’m pretty tech savvy, do I really need your help?

Understanding the basics of Google Ads can be fairly straightforward, however managing a successful account is increasingly difficult. Let us put our expertise and experience to work for your business and reach your goals together!

As an official Google Partner, the team at Digital Gearbox love being ahead of the curve with the latest strategies and Ads advancements. We constantly review our clients accounts, optimising where it is needed to make sure that you’re getting the right traffic at the best price, to save you both time and money.

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