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Google Adwords Mistake

3 Common & Easily Fixed Google Adwords Mistakes3 min read

It would be easy to blog about 10, 20, even 30 common Google Adwords mistakes. Let’s save the bulk of those for another day and focus instead on what are the three most common and easily-fixed errors marketers tend to make when setting up their Google Adwords campaigns.

Mistake #1 – Not Adding Negative Keywords

Let’s say you are a fairly small business with a restricted marketing budget – you don’t want to waste your resources on irrelevant clicks (are there any marketers who aren’t looking to get the biggest bang for their buck?)

The use of negative keywords can help you avoid the dreaded “limited by budget” message. Adding Negative Keywords will save you money from irrelevant clicks. Why would you want someone visiting your site who had no intention of purchasing your product? In all likelihood, you wouldn’t!

By adding Negative Keywords you can avoid wasting your Google Adwords budget on irrelevant clicks to ensure you have enough left for potential customers, potential sales and potential profit – which sounds like more of a winning system.

An extra tip: At the beginning of every month, review the search term report for each campaign within your account to help identify irrelevant search terms you can add as Negative Keywords.

Mistake #2 – Not bidding on Your Brand Name

Something we hear all the time is “I already rank at the top for my brand with SEO, why should I bid on my brand with Google Adwords?” It’s great if your site ranks at the top of the organic search results but if you don’t bid on your brand name you will be vulnerable to attack from your competitors in the Google Adwords battle. Why is this? If you don’t bid on your brand name then one of your competitors will. This will result in one of your main competitors appearing above you in the Google search results despite your fantastic SEO efforts.

Why would you want to lose a battle that can be easily won?

Google Adwords Mistake

Start bidding on your brand with Google Adwords to ensure you’re not vulnerable to attack from your competitors. Your ad appearing at the top of Google will give your brand the power and dominance needed to grow your business and ensure you are not losing customers to your competitors.

Mistake #3 – Expecting Too Much With Google Adwords

We know that Google Adwords is a complex advertising platform and it’s truly a never-ending battle for brand supremacy. Once you set up a Google Adwords account your ads can appear instantly. It does however take a great deal of analysis and optimisation to get the most from your campaigns. No battle is won instantly and Google Adwords is no different.

If you are prepared to allocate a large enough budget to your Google Adwords activity then you will leap the first hurdle, leaving you that much closer to reigning supreme.

Digital Gearbox are here to ensure you’re able to reach Google Adwords supremacy by ensuring you overcome these kinds of common mistakes. So why not book yourself in to one of our Google Adwords Audits where we will identify all the hurdles facing your account, providing all the tips needed for an accomplished Adwords campaign.

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