5 Great Homepages2 min read

5 Great Homepages

The homepage is probably the single most important page on any website, however all too often website designers loose site of this and end up creating a flash masterpiece that’s all style and no substance. Although pleasing to the eye, a flash homepage that takes an age to load will soon have users hitting the back button in their browsers. Usability should be a key consideration when creating a homepage as it sets the tone of the overall experience for users. The following are 5 well designed homepages that don’t rely on flash or similar plug-ins. They also work well on a variety of devices. The latter point should also be a key consideration when creating a homepage as more and more people are browsing websites on mobile devices.


The Apple homepage is simplistic in appearance and very user friendly. The overall aesthetic is virtually identical to other apple products such as itunes. As a result a sense of Apple’s brand identity is apparent from the moment you hit you page.

Deviant Art

The Deviant Art homepage contains a nice facility that enables users to filter popular submissions according to the time they were submitted.


The Guardian homepage is updated more than once a minute, so users can be sure they are receiving the most up-to-date news coverage. Its newspaper-like aesthetic lends itself well to mobile device browsers.


Treehugger’s homepage consists of submitted post. To ensure usability is not compromised, sections of the page are anchored so that users can jump to the section they most want to read at the click of a button. This practice is more commonly used in email marketing; however it works just as well on a website.


Zopa allows users to obtain loans from actual people as opposed to banks/finance companies. Their homepage highlights the websites key sections and includes a facility that enables users to ask questions via twitter.

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