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Building a marketing strategy often gets pushed to the bottom of a to-do list, which is such a shame because understanding what marketing you are doing can make such a difference to your performance. Rolling out the right method at the right time for your business can really accelerate your growth and improve your profitability.

Here at Digital Gearbox we have outlined our 6 steps – or rather our 6 Gears! Work through these and you’ll build a marketing strategy that will power your business into the future.

The Digital Gearbox

Neutral = stuck in neutral = understand your website

Before you start any online marketing you need to make sure your website is up to the job of welcoming the traffic in with open arms! How easy is it to buy from you? Is all the content up to date? Do you have an email sign up form?

Without having those right you will just be throwing money away because the people your marketing drives to your website won’t buy.

1.    Google Adwords Keywords – attract the visitors and build the volume

Getting into first gear means quickly driving some traffic that will buy.

Advertising isn’t going to do this for you – you need to tap into a flow of traffic that can be highly targeted to bring the right people to your website.

That’s where Google Adwords Keywords come in.

They can bring you volume, and they can also be highly targeted so you get the right traffic (the traffic that buys).

2.    Google Adwords Product Listing Ads – tune the volume

Moving on up to 2nd Gear means getting Product Listing Ads working for you.

These are the very profitable ads in Google Search that show your actual products to the searchers:

google pla bird box

Whilst the Product Listing Ads won’t bring you the volume that keywords can – they will bring you very, very profitable sales.

3.    Remarketing – Rev up and Re-engage your visitors

Getting to 3rd Gear is where it starts getting really exciting!


Of all that traffic that flows into your website at least 90% will leave without giving you anything (not their email address, their twitter, or an order). Google Remarketing is the tool that will bring them back.

It allows you to market your website exclusively to people who have previously been to your website – so they already know you. There’s about 101 different strategies here – so lots to test to find the right approach for your business.

Plus, you can layer it up…

Remarketing + Product Listing Ads = Dynamic Remarketing

This puts the products the visitor looked at into the ad, and takes them straight back to that product.

Remarketing + Keywords = Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising (RLSA)

This enables you to advertise your own customers on the Google Search engine.

4.    Automate for cruise control

By now you should have a sizeable email database – that means it’s time to automate your emails to take you into 4th.

How about Abandoned Basket Emails? Welcome programmes? Or targeted cross selling?

5.    Power up your platform = YouTube and LinkedIn

5th Gear is where you start working your way onto the motorways – by this point you’ve left those pesky L-plates behind.

To get your next traffic sources fixes it’s time to start exploring YouTube and LinkedIn advertising…

Be sure to test them first though as they don’t work for everyone.

6.    Other mysterious traffic sources

Here I’m going to leave you wanting more! Our secret sixth will be revealed later this year.



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