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7 Ways to Rev Up Your Remarketing Webinar2 min read

This Wednesday Digital Gearbox’s Becky Hopkin launched the first in our new series of Google Adwords Webinars. We’ll be holding these events weekly and the best news of all is that they’re totally free for all to attend!For the inaugural webinar Becky chose to lift the lid on Remarketing, detailing 7 different and powerful techniques for bringing back past website visitors and converting them.

Sound intriguing? Check out the full video of Becky’s Remarketing Webinar below.

What is Remarketing?

Put simply, Remarketing is a method of enticing back the traffic that leaves your site without buying or signing up for more info. Remarketing can be one of the most important aspects of an Adwords campaign; it doesn’t matter how a visitor arrives on your website, they can still be advertised to through Remarketing, meaning that it compliments any other marketing activity nicely.

Even if you don’t think you know what Remarketing is, you’re sure to have seen it in action. Ever noticed that after visiting a website you’ll start to see ads for that product or service you were looking at on other pages?

Remarketing Example

Familiar yes? This is how Remarketing keeps in contact with you after you leave a website, reminding you that you were interested in what they had to offer and giving you an easy way to return.

To really understand how important Remarketing is to any online business, you need to face up to quite a startling fact – over 95% all your website traffic leaves without converting (buying or signing up).

Remarketing Diagram

Remarketing helps fight the battle against this hideous waste of money (before you say “what money?” check out the webinar video to see how every site visit has a cost attached), bringing this lost traffic back and increasing the chance of securing a conversion. It’s crazy to settle for just 5%, right?

For more on Remarketing, make sure to watch the 7 Ways to Rev Up Your Remarketing video, or check out our dedicated page right here.

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