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Abandoned Shopping Carts – Stop Your Website Becoming an Urban Canal2 min read

abandoned shopping cartsIs there anything more depressing than the sight of abandoned shopping carts in our cities waterways? Yes in fact, as abandoned shopping carts online may not look as dreary, but they’re costing your business money in missed opportunities!

eCommerce businesses really need to take abandoned shopping carts seriously, as they represent huge missed opportunities in sales for both the present and the future. It’s tragic, you’ve spent money marketing your business to get a visitor (let’s call her Jo) to your website, she pops one of your lovely products into her shopping cart, but gets distracted before making it to checkout.

Imagine it, you come within a hairs breadth of turning Jo into a lifelong happy customer… but then her doorbell rings and she closes her browser, never to visit you again.

Now, if you were on Jo’s high street, you’d be easy for her to find again. But there’s no guarantee she’ll manage to get back to you online. So how do you reunite Jo with her abandoned shopping cart, see her through the checkout and down the path to becoming a regular and happy customer?

The answer (unsurpisingly) doesn’t lie in popping round to Jo’s house to type in your web address yourself, but in some clever use of Google Adwords Remarketing Ads.

Here’s how the story would end, if your website was using Remarketing:

After Jo’s managed to answer the door and usher the insurance salesman off her front step, she comes back into the house to prepare some dinner – promptly forgetting all about that lovely coat she was about to buy from you.

Hours later, it’s getting time for bed and Jo decides to check the news and weather on her favorite news site before turning in. As this site is one of over 1,000,000 on the Google Display Network, an ad for your website pops up and reminds Jo that she still has an item in her shopping cart on your website. With her memory triggered, Jo clicks on your ad and is reunited with her shopping cart and completes her purchase, (after all, the forecast was for rain tomorrow).

Remarketing in action
Remarketing – Rescuing abandoned shopping carts one at a time.


An abandoned shopping cart was transformed into an order, and a distracted website visitor into a satisfied customer – all through the power of Remarketing. The even better news is that this is just one of the amazing things that Remarketing can do to help your business get more orders and convert website visitors into loyal customers, all by using some clever targeting options and ads on the Google Display Network.

Now if only cleaning out our rivers could be as efficient…


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