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Bella’s PPC Playlist5 min read

So it’s my turn to share a list of my top 5 tracks in this PPC Playlist.

Music has always been a big part of my life, with my dad introducing me to a large range of genres from a young age.

I have fallen in love with music and will rarely go a day without listening to music at least once.

But from my Spotify playlist with thousands of songs, which 5 are my top picks? 

My favourite music changes nearly every day depending on the mood I’m in, what work I’m focusing on, and how much I have listened to that song already this week.

When reporting, there’s no music or jazz…

A normal day could include any of the slightly calmer songs, but I will rarely listen to extremely high beat songs whilst I’m working.

If I did, I would be up from my desk singing and dancing, which wouldn’t be the most productive thing to do.

I save those for gym sessions and car rides.

1. Better Together – Jack Johnson 

This has got to be my favourite song of all time… stolen from my Dad’s iPod playlist. 

There’s something about the first few lines that just make me smile and always get me hooked to the song; I can’t help but sing it out loud (but I do only bobb along and sing in my head when I’m in the office to save the team’s ears). 

It’s a calming song to listen to, that I find can help me relax after a stressful moment at work.

It’s a reminder that the small things in life matter like a ‘shoebox of photographs’ and the memories that come with them.

I also like to think of it as a message that working is always ‘better together’; working as a team is so important and it reminds me that I have such a great support system behind me with everyone at Digital Gearbox.

2. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae

This song is just beautiful.

I love the message behind it; to cast your worries away by relaxing with your hair down and just listen to some music. 

When in need of a reminder to not stress when in a challenging situation, this is definitely a song to put on to help reset your mindset. 

3. Doing Me – Ray BLK 

Firstly, I love the sound of this song so much.

I think Ray BLK has such a gorgeous voice.

But I love the lyrics of this song and the message that it radiates too. 

In a world where there is still so much pressure to be ‘on trend’ and to fit in, it can be easy to lose yourself.

This song reminds you that being true to yourself is so important, and you will probably be happier by doing that than trying to be someone else.

You do you and I’ll do me. 

4. We Play The Music – Ed Solo and Skool of Thought

This song just sums up why I love music so much with this single lyric:

“Life without music is unbearable”.

Ultimately, I like this song because of the melody. 

5. 17 – Mahalia 

To be honest, I could have picked any songs by Mahalia for this list, but I wasn’t allowed to go over 5 songs…

’17’ has a similar message to that of ‘Doing Me’ by Ray BLK.

I got to watch Mahalia perform this live and explain the meaning behind the song in person, which made me resonate with the song even more.

If you want to listen to an upbeat song about loving yourself for you, then this song is for you. 

So that’s it, my ultimate PPC playlist.

Not a complete mix of tunes that I was anticipating, but hopefully one or two may get added to your own playlist. 

Although we may not have the best music taste, we do create impactful PPC campaigns for companies that want to stand out against the crowd and stay relevant. 

You can contact us here for any PPC-related enquiries.

Alternatively, you could read the article on Greg’s PPC Playlist here (spoiler: there are some real tunes)…

Isabella Matthews

Our recently graduated apprentice, Isabella is a naturally talented PPCer, whose eye for detail has helped take her accounts to the next level. When not in the office ‘Bella is often beating most guys PBs at the gym and enjoying time with her culinary-gifted family.