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Champs Diary: Best Infographics to get you started with Adwords1 min read

Its interesting to think that a mere 5 months ago I was a complete Adwords newbie. Having spent the last 5 months immersed in the world of Google’s pay per click (PPC) offering it is important to remember that not everyone knows how Adwords works and what it all means. Rather than waffling on about the basics I thought I would show you my favourite infographics for the Adwords beginner.

Infographics are a great way to convey information especially if you don’t have long to get to grips with a subject. To that end here is a quick Adwords lesson in 3 infographics.


Step one: How does Google Adwords work

A nice basic introduction to how the whole system works.


Step two: How remarketing works

One of the most visually pleasing infographics we have seen so far this year does a great job of explaining how to get back some of that lost website traffic.


Step Three: Don’t let you PPC campaign become a leaky bucket

Once you understand what Adwords is it’s time to get moving on making sure that it’s making you money.


If you like the idea of learning about Adwords from infographics why not check out our Pinterest page.

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