Champs Diary: Best Infographics to get you started with Email Marketing2 min read

Since Sam so helpfully compiled a list of the three best infographics for learning the basics of Google Adwords, I thought I’d put together my own trio of infographics to help those eager to try their hand at Email Marketing.

So pay attention, your intensive short course starts here!

Lesson One: 10 Golden Rules Of Email Marketing

Elegant in it’s simplicity, what I love about this infographic is that if you adhere to these 10 simple rules you’re sure to find success in your marketing endeavours. However, although these rules may be straightforward they can soon be forgotten, as time pressures or complacency seep in. So memorise these rules and make sure you stick to them! If you find you just don’t have the time, take 2 seconds to take another look at rule number 10…

Lesson Two: Getting Started With Email Marketing

This infographic gives more practical advice on the three key stages of Email Marketing.  You can’t even start to think about email marketing until you have a mailing list and this infographic provides some good suggestions on how to get building your database.

Lesson Three: 11 Simple Tips On How To Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Now you’ve got the 10 golden rules down and your mailing list built, it’s time to think practically about your campaigns. This infographic’s 11 tips work as a great checklist for building a winning campaign. Make sure that you pay special attention to tips 10 and 11; don’t be you’re own worst enemy! Keep tracking your performance and tweaking your campaigns to maintain great results.

There we have it, your quick fire diploma on the basics of Email Marketing. If you’d like to find out more about the history, best practices and new techniques of Email Marketing, check out our dedicated Pinterest pinboard.

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