Change to Google Adwords Trademark Policy – September 14th1 min read

Google has announced that come September 14th, Adwords advertisers will be able to include trademarked terms within their adtexts, without any direct authorisation from the trademark owners as was previously the case. Google has opened up the market to thousands upon thousands of third-party sites that have previously been restricted in what they can say within their copy by not being able to mention the names of the products they are selling!

This all stemmed from Google’s win against Louis Vuitton in court which was over the use of the company’s trademarked brand names within Google’s search advertising.  See this article for more information on the case

What effect will this change have?

Well firstly Google will become even richer. As anyone can now bid on trademarked terms, more ads will start to appear on companies branded terms and these companies will see their CPC’s soon begin to rise.

We’ll see a much bigger PPC presence from affiliates, resellers and information portals leading to much greater competition levels and CPC’s, I hate to imagine what the cost to bid on the terms Iphone or Ipod will be! We’ll also see many sellers that paused PPC due to the vagueness and high cost of their ads re-enter the market.

We may see a re-emergence of gentleman’s agreements between companies that previously become prevalent when the first change to trademarks happened in May 2008 allowing advertisers to bid on other company’s brand names.

What is certain however, now that every company is open to attack from every single angle, there’s never been a greater time to make sure you keep a hugely keen eye on your PPC performance and also your competitors’ bidding habits.

Becky Hopkin

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