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Digital Marketing Masterclass With Google: Event Reflections4 min read

Finally, the hype is over and the team at Digital Gearbox can breathe. The few weeks in the run-up to our Digital Marketing Masterclass with Google were fraught with excitement and anxiety in equal measure. We had no idea what to really expect, though we did have a few preconceptions. These were definitely challenged come the end of the day.

Google’s attendance brought us some local media attention which was very exciting for us. Our Head of Customer Strategy, Becky was interviewed by That’s Oxfordshire in the follow up, and during the event. Their reporting brought us some great exposure, and you can watch the main interview here.

When it comes to digital marketing, so many businesses are not only unsure as to where they are, but also to what digital marketing truly entails. With the common misconception of a decent digital marketing strategy being simply setting up a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account for a company, many businesses end up missing out on a huge amount of customers, simply because they oversimplify the digital marketing process. We initially ran this event to give local businesses (and some larger ones) insider tips so they avoid falling into these common traps of a half-baked digital marketing strategy.

So, who went?

Aren Grimshaw of Minchin & Grimshaw leading the discussion of the importance of a great social media strategy.

What was interesting for us is that our guests were from a wide range of industries. We had current clients, small business owners from the local area, freelance journalists, and even attendees from Oxford Brookes University! This shows that awesome digital marketing is not only vital for agencies, e-commerce businesses and marketing professionals, but its importance is now spreading to freelancers and academics. Digital marketing as both a discipline and a service is growing and we couldn’t be happier to be at the forefront.

What kind of stuff was covered?

We tried to really cover all of the bases, not just our specialism, PPC which is why we were joined by Aren Grimshaw, the social media powerhouse and one half of social media consultants, Minchin & Grimshaw. Aren put a great deal of emphasis on the key for a business’ success in the world of social media is to focus more on the quality of your online presence rather than the quantity of it. Further, this means getting to grips with Facebook’s ever-expanding empire and giving priority to concentrating your social media efforts in to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook Messenger… one platform we didn’t expect would have such an impact at first!

Our very own Becky Hopkin discussing the nitty-gritty behind Remarketing.

Our very own Becky’s pet hate for clients is the loss of potential customers just as they were about to make a sale or enquiry. The so-close-but-so-far factor inspired Becky’s talk on Remarketing and how to win back those customers you’re at risk of losing. Not only did Becky’s talk impart insider tips and ticks, as well as the offer of a free PPC and Remarketing audit for attendees, but the importance of a high quality, professional PPC and Remarketing campaign was placed above all.

What about Google?

Finally, David and Christian from Google give us all the inside scoop on a new concept Google are working on: micro moments. This is a theory within mobile marketing, much of the marketing is centered around instant gratification as opposed to future planning.

Imagine you’re in a town you’ve never been to and all of a sudden, you get a massive craving for a hot drink. You then unlock your phone and search for “coffee shops near me”. You find directions to the nearest one, and the next thing you know you’re sat supping a hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream and marshmallows. You got what you needed and quickly. This is a ‘micro moment’.

The changing school of thought in mobile marketing, headed by Google themselves is something any business heading for success should always bear in mind. Essentially it’s a new way of thinking about how customers want to buy things and further to this, how they think more generally. That could put you leaps and bounds above your competition!

We definitely surpassed our own expectations!

If anyone had told us that 95% of people at the event were incredibly happy with our performance, we probably wouldn’t believe you. Call it self-deprecation that comes as part and parcel of being Brits but we never would have anticipated our first large event would be met with such success. We’ve learned a lot about the nature of potential clients and their demands for if they were to outsource their digital marketing to an agency or multiple agencies.

This was perhaps the most lively, fun learning curve of my time here at Digital Gearbox and I know the rest of the team feel the same. We want to come up with 5 key things we now know as a result of our event, but there must be about a million at the moment! On Monday we’re collating all of our lessons and bringing them to you in Part 2 of this blog, so stay tuned…

Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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