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It’s impossible to host a digital marketing masterclass to the scale of the one that we did and not take away some crucial pointers. The wide range of speakers from a multitude of fields within digital marketing meant that although we were the go-to-guys for the planning, set-up and structure of the event, we ended up learning many new things which will no doubt result in some re-thinks of our own strategies.

As well as this, our audience brought up some interesting topics for discussion — we saw digital marketing from the perspective of people outside of the industry. Understandably, this led to some eye-opening insights into how agencies and companies can operate from the perspective of a potential customer or client. With this in mind, here are three things we learned from both the speakers and the guests at our event:

#1: Stay on the ball with your Remarketing

Digital marketing from the perspective of the ‘outsider’ confirmed any Remarketing nerds’ worst fear: that Remarketing ads can be a complete pain and are ineffective in the Remarketing process.

Online ads needn’t be repelling in nature. They just need to be done correctly!

We’ve all seen them. Those Remarketing ads that are so poorly designed that they look as if your device will be infected with a million viruses if you so much as hover over them. Even though they’re perfectly harmless, the bad graphics put a potential customer off completing a conversion or possibly just put them off the company altogether.

Instagram ads are barely distinguishable from native posts.

With this in mind it’s crucial for a brilliant digital marketing strategy to include Remarketing that’s brilliantly designed and integrated into the webpage. Instagram do this incredibly well. So well in fact, that the ads look completely native — sometimes I’ll even like the ads thinking they’re a profile I follow.

#2: Facebook have built an empire. Use it well.

There’s definitely the temptation within this industry to get rolled out onto every social media platform known to man. The focus, or rather the ambition is to put a deal of emphasis on the breadth of presence as opposed to the depth of it.

It seems almost too easy to get involved in the ‘big 4’ (that is, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). So marketers try to be perceptive and scope out (relatively) uncharted territory. Facebook and Instagram, however are both Facebook run platforms, with LinkedIn and Twitter having the potential for mergers at some point in the future. One of Facebook’s other platforms, Messenger also has incredible scope for those working in CRM and shouldn’t be overlooked as ineffective, especially for those in the B2B arena.

Facebook are the frontrunners and have been for some time now. Investing into their platforms alongside LinkedIn and Twitter, whilst bypassing others such as Xanga, Medium and Reddit won’t necessitate poorer exposure, only ensure it is concentrated in the areas where your target audience hang out. Let’s face it, the e-commerce sub-reddit isn’t where you’ll likely snag that amazing client.

#3: Customers are increasingly seeking out in-the-moment solutions.

Imagine you’re in a town you’ve never been to and all of a sudden, you get a massive craving for a hot drink. You then unlock your phone and search for “coffee shops near me”. You find directions to the nearest one, and the next thing you know you’re sat supping a hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream and marshmallows. You got what you needed and quickly. This is what Google are calling a ‘micro moment’.

To Google, ‘micro moments’ are increasingly becoming the main form of customer searches, as opposed to a potential customer searching out something for a later date. For ultimate success, digital marketers should be aware of this evolving trend.

The changing school of thought in mobile marketing, headed by Google themselves is something any business heading for success should always bear in mind. Essentially it’s a new way of thinking about how customers want to buy things and further to this, how they think more generally. This could put you leaps and bounds above your competition!

Ultimately the dynamics of digital marketing are changing, as well as the perceptions on it. There is now a much clearer focus on digital marketing evolving with the needs of customers as opposed to marketers just hoping that customers like what’s being put out there. Professionals are also imploring companies and agencies alike to focus on the quality of social media outreach as opposed to the quantity of it. Such a dynamic industry, digital marketing evolves by the second. But perhaps now is the most turbulent time we’ve seen in a while.

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