Do you actively use your KPIs?1 min read

Or do you even have KPIs to use?

Scary recent stats from Quocirca show that if you do have KPIs for your business, and regularly review your performance against them then you are in the minority!

  • 32% of mid-market companies do use KPIs and track performance against them either regularly or on a continual basis
  • 33% of mid-market companies have plans and targets that are occasionally reivewed

This is particularly scary considering the difficult trading environment we’re currently working within.

Maybe part of the reason for this is that to work out what your KPIs should be so that you can track performance against them is a time consuming process. You need to do a full business / marketing plan – to identify the business’s objectives, the strategy, the tactics you’ll use – and how to measure it all to make sure you’re meeting the targets.

It almost seems wrong to dedicate time to strategy in this climate – but those who will come out of it the strongest will be the companies who take the time to make sure they’re doing the right thing.

So, at the very least make sure you’re not in the 6% who admit that they “muddle along from day-to-day using firefighting”.

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Becky Hopkin

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