Does PPC Impact on SEO?1 min read

PPC and SEO are two completely separate entities, and are not believed to be linked in any way other than that they are both shown on SERP’s (search engine results page), but working on both will have impacts for your business. If you come at the top of the PPC search results above the organic listings then it’s possible that you could push your natural website listing down the page, possibly leading to people clicking on your paid link as they see it first.

The other way PPC could impact on SEO is purely beneficial; if you run a program such as Adwords you will be gathering fantastic data on keywords as you do so. And this could become extremely useful for your SEO efforts as you can instantly see which keywords work and which don’t.
If you look around at what’s said online about PPC and natural listings, it’s nearly always that it’s definitely worth running PPC alongside SEO projects. It’s seen as brand re-affirmation if a customer see’s your brand multiple times on a SERP occupying as much SERP real estate as possible.

So actually yes, PPC does impact on SEO as they will both work together to provide a greater online marketing presence for your company. But no they are not linked, if you change something in your PPC, it will not directly affect your SEO ranking.

Becky Hopkin

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