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Your company website is a great place for customers, stake holders and enquirers to engage with your brand and purchase from you if you are running an ecommerce site. There are numerous channels to promote your site online, but offline website promotion is also crucial. When used effectively offline website promotion can be cost effective and drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Here are some simple ways to promote offline:

Capture email addresses of store shoppers and visitors – by entering your shop they have already expressed an interest in your range and obtaining an email address from them will allow you to engage with them again. Incentives like competitions can be run to encourage in store email sign ups and awareness of your website.

If the website represents a large portion of your business, consider incorporating your URL into your company logo for maximum exposure.

If you have bricks and mortar stores, promote your web site in your stores. For example, you could add it to: product labels, window decals, swing tickets, in window displays, in the changing rooms and at the till.

Add your URL to all existing company communication tools as possible e.g. letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, invoices etc. Always ensure your website URL is in a prominent position.

Ensure your web address is included in all offline advertising. URL’s are often added to offline advertising in a small font and are usually found at the very bottom of the ad but it may work better given more prominence. Test the position, font size and even try adding some descriptive text about your site to see if the traffic you receive increases. Testing will ensure you find the best way for your company to do this. Consider tagging the URL you use to make the responses measurable e.g. www.yoursite.co.uk/promo.

If you have company vehicles, ensure your web address is prominently displayed with your logo – it is much easier to remember a web address than a phone number, especially when you only have the audience’s attention for a couple of seconds.

Always include your URL in press releases. As well as giving your web address greater visibility, it will encourage journalists to mention the URL in any piece they write. Journalists will also be able to click through to your website to instantly obtain further information on your company. If it is released online, it will also benefit your search engine optimisation strategy by generating back links to your site.

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