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As a Digital Marketing Expert who has been working in the online marketing world for over 5 years now, it is all too easy to focus on the shiny and new in terms of digital marketing news and discussions. Back when Hugh and Sam joined Digital Gearbox at the start of the year, as relative newbies to the world of Google Adwords and Email Marketing it was refreshing to discuss with them some of the fundamentals of digital marketing and gather their opinions and feedback on our techniques and best practices from some different perspectives.

It was out of these discussions that the “Diary of a Digital Marketing Champion” was born. The idea being for this weekly blog post was for the champs to share their learnings on the path to becoming Digital Marketing Experts, to give food for thought to other digital marketing newbies and to remind those who spend their time day to day with their heads stuck in an Adwords account or an email management system of some of the fundamentals that should be applied to their work.

This week, our Digital Marketing Champions are having a well deserved holiday, so I have put together a list of some of my favourite entries for you to enjoy.

Diary of a Digital Marketing Champion

1) Becoming a Digital Marketing Champion – Hugh’s first diary entry talks about the getting to grips with the Google Adwords platform, and why you shouldn’t always follow their recommendations!

2) Sams Introduction to Housekeeping – Sam’s first entry talks about the importance of housekeeping within Google Adwords and why everyone should do it.

3) Tackling the Google Partners Exams – Hugh gives an account of his experience with the Google Partners exams, along with some example questions from the test.

4) Journey to HTML – Sam provides a introduction to the world of email HTML, and the quirks within it.

5) A Change Will Do You Go – Hugh talks about the resistance to change in the online marketing world, and the benefits of LinkedIn’s new company page setup.

6) The World of Product Feeds –  Sam outlines how to make the most out of a Google Shopping feed to maximise the optimisation opportunities for Google Shopping Campaigns.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Digital Gearbox blog every Monday, for more entries to the “Diary of a Digital Marketing Champion” from Sam and Hugh!

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