FREE Online Seminar – The 5 Essential Strategies for Marketing Success in 20152 min read

Are YOU an Business Owner or Marketer who wants to boost your leads and profits in 2015?

If so register for our FREE online seminar to discover the 5 essential strategies for Marketing Success in 2015!By now you should already be planning where you want to take your business in 2015 and outlining the marketing strategy that you’ll need to put in place to achieve that.

Our FREE online seminar is here to teach you about 5 proven essential strategies you can incorporate into your marketing plan to help you along the route to success.

We will be discussing:

  • Why you should be using paid search to drive your website traffic, and the different tools available to you.
  • The benefits of building automated funnels to save you time and money, whilst making sure customers don’t fall through the cracks!
  • How the product staircase might well be just the solution your need for turning more prospects into paying customers.
  • Asset building, the power of content creation and lead magnets.
  • Tools and tips for increasing conversions!

We will also be:

  • Looking at how Digital Gearbox can help your business
  • Revealing a special bonus for seminar attendees
  • Answering all your marketing questions!

Thursday 27th November at 4pm GMT


Presented by:

Becky Hopkin, Digital Marketing Expert with special guest, Paul Avins, author of “Business SOS” and “Secrets of the Business Wealth Accelerators”, and founder of the Business Wealth training company that’s helped over 3,500 Entrepreneur’s to date.

Paul has a 10 year track record as one of Europe’s Top Businesses Coaches and has successfully started, grown and sold a number of his own businesses, as well as generating well over £120 million in new Sales and Profits for the businesses he’s worked with, mentored and invested in.

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Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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