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New Event! In Partnership With Google: How to Find and Build Your Audience Using Digital Marketing3 min read

Do you worry that you might not be using digital marketing to your advantage with your business? Are you unsure as to who your audience is? Well, do we have a treat for you!

Within digital marketing, there appears to be a trend. That trend being that agencies and businesses choose to broadly place themselves across the spectrums of the industry. With this comes the chance of falling to a trap of focusing so largely on content and SEO, and forgetting all about Pay Per Click marketing. PPC isn’t just setting up an AdWords account and leaving it. It requires crucial analysis in order to optimise not just the quantity but the quality of traffic to your website.

A lot of businesses don’t realise this. In turn, they miss out on some brilliant opportunities for not just a good CTR, but for awesome leads, fab sales, and loyal customers.

This is what Digital Gearbox plans to solve, and we don’t just want to do this all behind a screen. In partnership with Google, next month we’re heading to The King’s Centre, Oxford to give a seminar on how to utilise strategies within PPC (particularly remarketing). We’ll be explaining why these should be an integral part of your company’s digital marketing strategy. This will help to gain those loyal customers that may have been lost just as they were about to make a sale from you.

So, what was that about Google being there?

We won’t be doing this alone. Alongside us will be Charles Daniel and David Brennan, the Agent Development Manager, and Campaign Specialist for Google. They’ll be discussing mobile advertising, its future developments and the implications these developments could have. From this, an understanding of how mobile advertising, its ongoing evolution and how you can keep up with it will be shared with you, straight from Google itself.

As well as hearing industry secrets from Google, you’d be hearing from Aren Grimshaw, the Managing Director of the social media consulting powerhouse, Minchin & Grimshaw. In order to have a successful digital marketing strategy, getting live on more mainstream social media can be incredibly useful to catch a wider audience at a low cost. Aren’s aim is to make you think about this and take stock on whether your digital marketing is FIT (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for purpose, and whether it has the potential to be.

To get insider tips from industry experts on the quality of your digital marketing and how to use it to the best of its ability could not just give your business the digital boost it needs, but likely set you apart from competitors.

We’d love to meet you and tell you what we’re all about and why we’re so great at what we do, as well as help you get that leg-up on the competition!

Book your place here, and find out more about Minchin & Grimshaw, and Google Mobile Advertising.

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