Google Is Giving Away Free Ad Credits2 min read

What’s Happening?

Google’s got the back of its small and medium-sized customers.

In a recent announcement from CEO Sundar Pichai, they’ve committed to providing $340 million (that’s approx £274 million) of free Google Ads credits to SMEs who have been “active advertisers” on Google Ads since the beginning of 2019.

Cool. Why?

It’s part of a wider Coronavirus aid package.

In total, Google are providing $800 million of aid to businesses, governments, NGOs, and health organisations.

SMEs face a particularly tough time with the pandemic. Google hopes these ad credits will help hard-hit companies keep in touch with their customers.

Will I Qualify?

To be eligible, users must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a small to medium-sized business
  • Advertise directly with Google or through their partners
  • Had an active account since the beginning of 2019

If that describes you – fantastic, you qualify!

How Much Will I Get, And When?

Honestly, we’ve no idea right now.

Google hasn’t clarified how much free credit each individual company will receive, nor when exactly to expect them.

Google has said eligible companies will be notified “in the coming months”, which suggests you probably shouldn’t expect them to hit your account tomorrow. (Unless you’re reading this blog in the coming months, in which case go check your account now.)

You’ll be notified within the Google Ads account itself, so keep an eye on the little notifications that pop up at the top of your screen.

What Can I Use The Credits For?

Anything within the Google Ads platform: Search, Shopping Display, YouTube, whatever you like.

Do bear in mind, these credits are valid for 2020 only. At the end of the year, they’re going to expire. So don’t let them go to waste.

I Want To Make The Most Of This Offer. Can You Help?

Good news: we can!

Book a free Google Ads account audit with us, and we’ll tell you exactly what you can do to boost your Google Ads performance.

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