Google Remarketing – Google turns to traditional marketing techniques for online1 min read

The more times you get your product in front of a potential buyer, the more likely it is that they will actually purchase your product. Google has now taken this on board with its new Remarketing programme for Adwords which uses the content network to retarget previous visitors

Googles Remarketing programme offers you the chance to target previous visitors to your site again to entice them back for more. You will be able to specify in Adwords that you want to display an ad to people who have already visited your site from a previous paid click.  Your ads will then be shown to those searchers in the ever expansive content network when they are searching for similar products to the one you are selling.

Retargetting has been around for a while now, offered by companies selling their remarketing services at inflated prices, but now that Google is taking a step into remarketing I’m sure we’ll start to see people taking remarketing much more seriously. Google Remarketing is now out of Beta and you should see an extra tab within Adwords called Audiences, click on this to get started. It’ll be interesting to see what peoples experiences with Remarketing are, so if you’ve started using it let us know what you think!

Becky Hopkin

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