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Google Trends – another great online tool1 min read

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I’m always surprised how few people know about Google Trends. So I thought I should do a quick blog on it to spread the word.
It’s a fantastic tool from the Google Labs that enables you to analyse search traffic. A great way to quickly sense check an SEO keyword decision – not least because you can filter on time and geographic location. So in this search I’ve filtered the results down to the last 12 months in the UK. To compare keywords all you need to do is enter them with a comma between each.
You can also now compare 2 or more websites.
Here I’ve compared Tesco and Sainsburys as you can see – unsurprisingly Tesco’s busier!
When looking at the website comparisons you can also see what other people who visited these sites also visited, and what else they searched for. Like a mini (and free!) Hitwise…

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