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Greg’s PPC Playlist3 min read

One thing that everyone can always agree on is that no matter what you are doing, music always makes everything better.

Out of all of the songs I listen to throughout my working day, these are my top 5 songs!

It sure did take a long time to pick between them all, but I always find myself coming back to these 5 songs in particular.

Most of the music I generally enjoy always revolves around being upbeat and energetic so that I can focus on my work and keep a positive attitude.

  • Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

This is such a fun, upbeat song that I have always enjoyed, right from the moment I first heard it.

It’s something that always puts me in a good mood for the day ahead, whether that is being at home on the weekends or working with my team on our Client’s PPC campaigns. 

  • What A Man Gotta Do – Jonas Brothers

I have always had a soft spot for the Jonas Brothers, and this song perfectly describes why.

It was tough to choose only one Jonas Brothers song that I enjoy the most, but I eventually decided on this one!

I think you’ll really enjoy it if you try it out. 

With an incredibly catchy beat and memorable lyrics, it’s a song that I play on repeat over and over again.

  • Left Hand Free – Alt-J

The singer of Alt-J, Joe Newman, has such a unique and interesting voice that fits perfectly well for the Indie/Alternative genre that they make music within.

‘Left Hand Free’ is a wonderful example of how Alt-J produces interesting and catchy music that many people enjoy, myself included!

  • Grace Kelly – MIKA

Grace Kelly is one of the catchiest songs on this list.

It also has a very interesting origin story as to why the song was made, but I’ll let you find out about that yourself. 

It’s definitely one of those songs in which everyone is in a good mood and sings along.

It certainly belongs on your favourite playlist!

  • Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix 

Everyone knows of the great Jimi Hendrix, and this is one of the songs that shows exactly why he was considered ‘great’. 

With a very unique style, this song is incredibly memorable just from the guitar alone.

Combined with the lyrics, I believe this is one of the greatest songs ever made.

And that’s it.

A weird mix of songs that I enjoy listening to from time to time.

If you give these songs a chance I’m sure you’ll find yourself in a good mood and ready for the day ahead.

Although we may not have the best music taste, we do create impactful PPC campaigns for companies that want to stand out against the crowd and stay relevant. 

You can contact us here for any PPC-related enquiries.

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