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How to maximise your Black Friday Sales with Google Adwords3 min read

Over recent year’s Black Friday has become an increasingly important event in the pre-Christmas eCommerce business calendar.  This year Black Friday falls on the 27th November and promises to be the biggest yet! If you are interested in the history of Black Friday check out Hugh’s blog here.

Black Friday provides a great opportunity for Google Adwords users to plan a campaign of activity to complement this one day event. It offers a whole range of tools designed to make the most of your digital marketing in the lead-up and during Black Friday.


Your Black Friday campaign should focus on three main marketing goals:

  1. Attracting new customers
  2. Reactivating dormant customers
  3. Making current customers into better customers

Here’s how you can use a combination of keywords, remarketing and RLSA to achieve your goals.


In the build up to the day, create a range of ads that highlight what your Black Friday deals will be.  This will generate a buzz around your promotions and when 27th November comes you will be in the forefront of internet shoppers’ minds.

You can also add a countdown to your ads that will count down to the start of Black Friday. Or set up your advert to count down how long customers have left to take advantage of the deals.

On the day itself you can use your keyword ads to keep people  updated on what the current deals are and you could even include offer codes as part of the adtext!

black friday


black fridayRemarketing ads can be used to advertise the offers that will go live on the day. You can set up a series of one day ads that provide a countdown to the day itself, perhaps advertising a different offer each day to help generate buzz.

On black Friday remarketing is especially helpful for achieving aims 2 and 3 by reminding people what you sell and enticing them back to your store with ads about your offers. Remarketing image ads are also a great way of reminding people on the day that Black Friday deals only last 24 hours.


Although you can use RLSA ads in the same way as keyword ads the most powerful use of RLSA ads is to attract traffic that you might not usually be able to afford. Using the remarketing lists in conjunction with search ads (the basis of RLSA) means that you can bid on terms that are too pricey for regular keywords. For example having “black Friday deals” as a keyword in your regular keyword campaign would cost a lot per click making it an unviable option. However if you have the same keyword in the RLSA campaign you can get clicks for a much lower price as you are targeting a much smaller audience that already knows your site.

Black Friday offers retailers a great way of getting more sales and Google Adwords is a great way of letting people know about your one day sales events.

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