Increase your online profitability by attributing sales to the last click through strong site analytics3 min read

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With numerous online marketing channels available and many customers visiting your site on multiple occasions before purchasing it is becoming increasingly difficult to make effective marketing decisions and control your marketing spend based on data collected by channel tracking pixels. For example, an online customer could visit your site through a PPC ad and an affiliate network – the sale would be tracked by both pixels resulting in you paying for both the PPC click and the affiliate’s commission. With advanced site analytics it is possible to attribute the sale to the last click or to gain a better understanding of the customer’s journey and attribute budget accordingly. If your business uses traditional forms of advertising or printed catalogues, the picture can be even more unclear. Luckily, there are tools available to give online marketers the visibility and data they need.

If your business mails traditional catalogues and operates online, it can be difficult to work out how many web sales are from new customers and how many are simply using the site as an ordering tool after receiving the catalogue. A simple solution to this problem is to run match back analysis. To do this, you simply select a time period, take the order details from a single online channel e.g. affiliates and compare it to your catalogue mailing lists. You can then match back each order to calculate percentages for new orders / orders from contacts who received the catalogue. This top level data can be useful when developing online marketing strategies for each channel and can give a deeper insight into the profitability of each channel. If you mail multiple catalogues, remember to limit each mailings lifetime!

Another popular tool which addresses this problem is the Tagman tracking solution. Tagman simplifies the process of implementing tracking code for online marketing and allows advertisers to correctly attribute sales to the channels involved in driving the purchase by automatically de-duplicating sales. This solution provides an understanding of how each marketing channel works and how they contribute to a sale. It can also save significant amounts of budget as all affiliate and other commission based sales can be de-duped. If you are running your online marketing channel on a last click wins basis, you can save cost by only attributing the sale to the last click and paying commission accordingly. Granular information on each channel can also give you a true insight into the way customers find and interact with your site and provide an invaluable overview of the customer’s journey.

Coremetrics also offers a very effective site analytics solution. Detailed tracking captures every click a user makes and stores this information. This data shows a customer’s entry point, the number of visits they have made and the way in which they found and interacted with the site. It also allows de-duplication and can save budget as sales can be allocated to the last click if necessary.

As online marketing budgets continue to grow, de-duplication of commission and more accurate data to base decisions on is going to become more and more important. The solutions above will all assist with this.

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