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It’s important to get to know the team and see a human side to the people behind the PPC genius, which is why each month we’ll now be featuring a ‘Digital Gearbox columnist’, where one of us writes a blog on something more personal. This month, it’s Taylor’s take on Q1 planning and how she plans to implement this in her own life.

Industry blogs are currently riddled with both New Year’s resolutions and Q1 planning. We’re no exception, but there’s a lack of personal touch in these blogs which I why I’m combining business with my personal life for this blog and running through my own personal goals for Q1, be that at work or at play.

Read more things

Don’t be fooled, I’ve read about 2 pages of this so far.

I read my fair share of industry blogs and am no stranger to a copy of The Spectator but I think the last time I read an actual book cover to cover was about 8 months ago, before that it was at least 2 years. I have a ceiling to floor bookshelf in my flat that’s packed with things I’ve only read the first 30 pages of. This needs to change! By the end of Q1, I aim to have read at least three of these cover to cover.

 Wake up earlier

At Digital Gearbox, we can start any time between 8:30 – 9:30. I love my sleep so usually come through the door at 9:29 on the dot and consider it to be impressive if I’m in by 9. I’ve only ever done an 8:30 start once and the idea of being able to leave the office by 5pm makes the prospect of setting my alarm for 6:30 almost tempting. This one will be a toughie because nothing says pure joy to me like hitting the snooze button a thousand times. If it comes to the end of Q1 and I’ve done an 8:30 start once a fortnight I’ll consider that a victory.

Run the world. Well, Reading and Chester…

Just got to do double this, no biggie…

Right at the end of Q1, I’m running the Reading Half Marathon. This will be my first proper race as I usually just run on my own, or am occasionally accompanied by my boyfriend. It’s an understatement to say I’m nervous. I’ve set myself a target of doing it in 2 hours or below and this is realistic, but still pretty ambitious. Still, if I’m ambitious with my goals for work, I should be doing the same for running. Two months after Reading, I’m running the Chester Half Marathon and hopefully in those two months I’ll have made enough progress to definitely do it in under 2 hours. I’m sure in the personal blogs to follow you’ll find out how that all went down!

See my family more

My dogs are my babies. Adult life is hard when I cant see tiny balls of fluff like this on the regular.

I’m originally from the Lake District, moved to Leicester for University and whilst I was there, my parents (and five dogs) moved to Wales. Once I graduated, I moved with my boyfriend to Oxfordshire so it’s almost as if I don’t have any real roots any more. It’s also tough to get to the town where my parents now live so it’s basically birthdays and Christmas I get to see them. I’m not a fan of this and definitely want this to change this year. Q1 is a great time to put this into action and if I can get myself up to sunny North Wales for at least one weekend, and them down to Oxfordshire to see me then that’ll be awesome.

 Go to more live shows

I saw two bands live in 2016, which is considerably fewer than what I used to. I think my record was around 7 in a year, and live shows are always a brilliant experience. This one isn’t incredibly well thought out, but I’ve had my eye on Glass Animals tickets for some time now, and if Sarah Millican tours then I’ve covered both the comedy and music bases. It’s always good to get a bit more cultured, even if my definition of culture is standing in an O2 Academy with a very overpriced pint of beer in a plastic cup…

My main focus for Q1 is to smash all of the goals that the team and I at Digital Gearbox have already started putting into place but if I can see my family, get more cultured, run some long distances for charity and see some sunrises in the process then it’ll be one quarter well spent. I’m sure I’ll feed back how these all went at the beginning of Q2 so make sure you hold me to these!


Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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