The War On Free Clicks – Infographic1 min read

Earlier this year the folks over at eConsultancy reported that 36% of people still don’t realise that Google Adwords are ads. A figure that might surprise those who have previously dismissed the opportunities that paid search offers with statements such as “I never click the ads, so why would my customers”.

It is with this statistic in mind that the content in our featured infographic this week becomes rather exciting; that Paid Ads are gaining ground in the Google search results. Paid ads are now taking up to 85.2% of the space above the fold on screen. Regardless if your customers are aware or not if those are ads, that is a whole big chunk of retail space that those who are not running paid search campaigns that they are not taking advantage of.

Need more convincing? Take a look through this fact stuffed infographic to see how Adwords ads have become the most effective way for businesses to market their products online.


Becky Hopkin

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