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Is Programmatic On Fleek?3 min read

A day doesn’t go by that my 12 year old son comes home from school with some brand new phrase that’s doing the rounds: On Fleek, bair, #swag, sic, bae. I feel pretty old and out of touch and in all honesty don’t know how I’d understand half of what he says if it wasn’t for the magic of Google!

Attending marketing related conferences can be a similar experience – with new techniques and terminology seeming to sprout up daily – programmatic, ideation, omnichannel, gamification. At the end of the day marketing communications will always be, at its core, about delivering the right message, using the right channel, to the right people at the right time. It’s just with so many ways of doing that now how do you keep up to date with the terminology and more importantly what it means for our business.

Over the past month Becky and I were lucky enough to attend some fantastic industry conferences, including Internet Retailing Expo, at the Birmingham NEC and B2B Marketing Expo at the Excel. Despite the industry jargon there really was lots to learn and we wanted to share a few of our takeaways (in plain English) with you.

Top Conference Takeaways

Email is not dead, according to Dotmailer’s research, every age group prefers to use email to communicate with their brands, so don’t write it off. In marketing today, unless you have an infinite resource and budget available, omni-channel is unobtainable. You can’t physically be on every channel, multi-channel has always existed and is sufficient, so don’t panic!
Skip Fidura, Dotmailer

Online Advertising…
Timed communication is key. You need to work out the right frequency to hit your customers with both your offline and online ads. Advertising is no longer just about propositions – it’s tapping into wants and needs. First figure out the value proposition for your target sector. You then need to have brilliant creative in the right format, on the right platform to get results. Make sure to measure your campaigns, learn from them and then refine.
Nick Bamber, Head of Digital Marketing, Asda

Some interesting statistics from Google…
50% of people who conduct a local search on a mobile device visit that business within 1 day.
29% of smartphone users will move on immediately if the site they reach doesn’t meet their needs.

Blog posts…
The best titles for blog posts ask questions and are between 7 and 12 words in length. You need to use imagery that grabs attention, authentic copy with an optimum length of 220 words.
Connor Kinnear, CMO, Passle

Your Website’s Search Function…
Market Sherpa research shows that customers take 8 seconds to decide whether they’re going to buy from you or not. Then 43% of them go straight to the search box to see if you have what they want.
Ian Scarr, Regional Vice President, SLI Systems

Website User Experience…
In terms of perfecting the user experience of your websites – make sure to involve your customers from the start. Conduct surveys, do live testing sessions, get their opinion and, most importantly don’t guess. Also, remember that one set of customer input isn’t enough, you need customers input at every stage of the buying process.
Neil Roberts, Head of Digital, Eurostar

Conference Fashion

Finally, as an extra special bonus – and to provide some welcome relief from the serious stuff – we also had a look at current conference wear. Much to my delight there were brogues a plenty, and many men going beyond the traditional “white collar” corporate styles, which often creates a rather uninspiring sea of grey, black and navy. Below are some of the outfits that really stood out on the day, and made me stop to have a chat with the face behind the look!

Conference Fashion

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