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How Sophisticated Is Your Adwords? – Infographic1 min read

Is your Adwords account all that it could be? We’ve found a great infographic to help your find out.Too many businesses use Adwords at a very low level of sophistication, so low in many cases that it actually does more harm than good. Although Google offers a great deal of “helpful” tips and guidance within the Adwords platform, it will never help you build a truly effective account for your business specifically.

This infographic from shows how Adwords can be built in layers in order to bring new opportunities and levels of optimisation for different kinds of businesses. So take a look through the infographic below and rate your Adwords. If you’re an eCommerce business that didn’t score so well, make sure you check out our eCommerce Solution Packages; our custom made combinations of Google Adwords layers that work together to create sophisticated and successful Adwords accounts perfect for eCommerce businesses.

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