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Everyone loves Christmas, so why not make your PPC work as hard as it can to bring in some more conversions and make your Christmas even better! With the instant response in traffic and conversions that PPC can provide, it can prove crucial in the coming season. So what can you do now to get your PPC ready for Christmas
  1. To understand where you want to go with your PPC you have to first fully understand where you are. Take a good look over your account as it stands at the moment and do a thorough health check. Check that you aren’t squandering cash into non-profitable adgroups and keywords, check ads link to the right places, check the adtexts are accurate etc. Hopefully you run these sort of checks regularly anyway!
  1. Take a look into your PPC performance last Christmas. Adwords thankfully stores so much data, all of which is invaluable in making the right decisions for your account. Look at what worked and what didn’t and use this information to help guide your decisions for this Christmas period.
  2. If you are looking to add new keywords especially for the Christmas period, be mindful that your competition may well bid up at this time too which means you may end up spending more than you would like. Traffic rises at Christmas time anyway, so expect the usual cost on Adwords to go up slightly too. Use tools such as Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends to give you better insights into new keywords and what sort of volumes they may bring over Christmas.
  3. What offers are you running? What can set you apart from your competition? Use the space in your adtext to differentiate yourself from the rest of the ads. Why not promote a sale or a special deal in your adtext.
  4. Check Check Check. Throughout the Christmas period check your account, notice trends, pull off reports, keep on your toes and you can push to make a healthy return on PPC this Christmas time.

Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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