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Top as an Entrepreneur

Swim Your Way to The Top as an Entrepreneur2 min read

This week the world is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week. A week in the calendar year where individuals all around the world are encouraged and inspired to start up their own million dollar business idea and get to the top as an entrepreneur.

Once upon a time Digital Gearbox was a new start-up business with a vision. A vision to become the best Google Adwords agency in the country. A vision that is still in the process of becoming a reality. Our aim? To use entrepreneurial spirit and determination to splash our customers to the top of the Google search results.

Remember that time when you first dipped into a swimming pool? Finding yourself in new surroundings, attempting to glide through the water. Not too dissimilar to becoming an entrepreneur, right? Sometimes as an entrepreneur it’s key to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. The traits of an entrepreneur, a swimmer and a PPC marketer are all in sync.

Top as an Entrepreneur     


An Olympic swimmer has to train every day, an entrepreneur has to work extremely long hours and a PPC marketer has to propose a long term strategy to get the most from their budget and hit the desired target. Being tenacious and thinking outside the box is vital for being creative and having those “light bulb” ideas. As a PPC marketer, having light bulb ideas can be the difference between exceeding your monthly targets or not quite having enough fire power to meet your desired targets. It’s all the same for an entrepreneur, tenacity and creativity can lead to new ground breaking ideas! And for a swimmer, having the tenacity to change your stroke technique a couple of months before a tournament can be the difference between a personal best or the disappointment of finishing outside a podium place.


Ever heard the quote “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will”?

It’s true, self-belief is important for an entrepreneur, a swimmer and a PPC marketer. As an entrepreneur you must believe in yourself and your own ideas to drive your ideas forward. A swimmer must believe in their ability and skills to reach their maximum performance in every race they perform in. Whilst as a PPC marketer, we must believe in our PPC skills to meet targets. If that’s to improve click-through rates, increase conversions or minimise costs, we must always believe in our skills and best practices to exceed our expectations.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Digital Gearbox would like to show our full support for Global Entrepreneurship Week and hope that every entrepreneur has a radical million or billion pound idea to push forward and reach the pinnacle of business success.

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