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The Constantly Connected Consumer – Infographic1 min read

Are you among the 87% of people who use their smartphone on the go? Or part of the 48% that use their smartphone while eating? Love them or loathe them, smartphones and the opportunities they present for online businesses are here to stay. But there are also some dangers you should be aware of…

If you’re a local business, you may want to consider running a campaign that places a higher bid on local mobile devices, as a staggering 95% of people surveyed looked up local information on their smartphones and 44% followed up that search with a purchase. However, if your website has not been optimised for smartphones, you may end up putting off the people that find your business. In this case, it’s better to avoid bidding on mobile devices than risk alienating potential customers.

The rise of mobile shopping doesn’t look like it’s going slow down anytime soon and businesses need to be ready to take advantage of all the new opportunities it presents. Just be sure your website is ready to go mobile, or your smartphone campaigns may do more harm than good.

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