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Time’s Running Out For Your Regular Product Listing Ads2 min read

Back in February we posted about Google’s big announcement that Google Shopping Campaigns were being rolled out across the UK  promising a better and more straight forward way to optimise, use and create  Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

We also reported that they were set to replace the regular PLA with a rather vague switch off period of “August” , which has since been given a firm switch off date of August 31 2014.

For those who fail to take control now, Google will begin to auto-upgrade your Product Listing Ads starting from September 3rd, so now is the time to act to make sure you are setting up you Google Shopping Campaigns in the most profitable way for your business.

What do you need to do?

1. If you’ve already created a GSC feed and turned it on

Then congratulations, you are ahead of the game and don’t need to do anything other than optimise your lovely new Google Shopping Campaigns!

2. If you’ve never done PLAs

Then make sure you set up your Product Listing Ads as a Google Shopping Campaign. If you’ve noticed a continual drop in eCommerce Keyword PPC ROI  then it’s definitely worth trialling how Google Shopping Campaigns can drive you new customers, cheaply!

3. If you can’t create a new feed

Google Shopping Campaigns are a completely different ball game to the regular Product Listing Ads which is why we recommend totally rebuilding the Shopping Feed that powers the ads first. It is the information in there (particularly the 5 new custom fields that Google Shopping Campaigns allow for) that will drive your segmentation strategy and the real ROI. If you’re unable to create a new feed, we can get around this with a manual feed upload process. So even if you’re website package doesn’t allow for auto exports of a feed you CAN still set up a GSC!

With Google’s upgrade tool it automatically will try to create a new Shopping campaign from one of your existing regular Product Listing Ads campaigns. However, as with any automated upgrade, there is the big problem that there are differences in the settings between the two campaigns which can conflict or be ignored.  At the very least this might mean changes to your pre-determined targeting strategy, however more worryingly it might cause errors that present a risk of your Product Listing Ads being taken down, resulting in lost opportunities and sales.

Want a helping hand with your GSC upgrade?

You can contact us today for a quick consultation with one of our Digital Marketing Experts.

Alternatively if you would like your whole Adwords activity looked at then click here to book a FREE Adwords clinic.

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