28 tips for the Adwords beginner

Top 28 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I was An Adwords Beginner – Infographic2 min read

For the average Adwords beginner, all the different tools and options presented when setting up your campaigns can be a little overwhelming. To make matters worse, Google’s Adwords tutorials can often be highly misleading and encourage you to build your account in a way that may not achieve consistent results for you. Different approaches may be necessary for different businesses of course, but there are some dangers that everyone should be made aware of…Keywords are at the very core of your Google Adwords strategy and often the place where most Adwords beginners make wrong or mislead decisions. It is worryingly easy to set up your Google Adwords account, but not as easy to make it profitable.

Item number 6 on the list below warns against using broad match keywords. While broad match is great for instantly boosting traffic to your site, these kinds of keywords will quickly burn through your budget. Even though your ads are being repeatedly triggered and clicked on, the search queries that made them appear will be too unspecific to make it likely that they will be convert. What is needed here is a balance between generating traffic and finding the searchers that are most likely to convert. If you’re keen to learn more about achieving this balance, I highly recommend that you read our blog that will tell you the 7 levels for building out your Google Adwords keywords to hit your targets.

Tips 8 and 9 suggest different methods such as experimenting with different keyword match types for the same keyword in order to aid optimisation. Tip 10 however is what we consider the most important thing to take note of from the entire list. Negative keywords are so often overlooked and yet are so integral to an effective and profitable Google Adwords account. Have a look at our blog post Negative Keywords – The Most Neglected Optimisation Technique in Adwords? to learn more about why they are so essential.

So if you’re an Adwords beginner, get ready to dive into this informative infographic to learn some new tricks or to brush up on your Google Adwords Knowledge.

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