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In the sea of metrics that Google, Yahoo and MSN (and the others) offer you, which are most important? Although all the figures that they offer should be used to gain the greatest view of your campaigns, here’s my list of the ones that really matter.
  1. ROI – Whilst impressions, clicks, CTR (click through rate) and costs are all important components that contribute to the ROI, these metrics only show part of the picture. ROI is one of the key metrics to see quickly how your keywords, adgroups and campaigns are performing.
  2. CTR – A great metric to help sort out which of your adtexts are working most effectively, locate click fraud through huge jumps in CTR’s, and establish how well your adgroups and keywords are performing generally. Once your campaigns have been running a while, it’s a great metric for comparison, monitoring and locating opportunities for improvement.
  3. Conversions (many-per-click) – Google changed their conversion metrics in April 2009 to now have the option of “many per click”. Where previously if one click lead to multiple conversions, they counted only once. Many-per-click conversions count each conversion that occurs after a click on an ad. But it is potentially a truer metric than the “1-per-click” metric previously used.
  4. Quality Score (QS) – A higher QS essentially means you pay less. Surely this has to be in the top 5 PPC metrics! A simple keyword report will show you the keywords that have a low QS, take a look at them and decide how and why you have a low score. Should you change the Adtext to be more relevant? Should you split out the adgroup into separate more targeted adgroups? If you want to save money, you should definitely be playing a close attention to your quality scores.
  5. Cost per impression & Revenue per impression – Whilst these metrics aren’t offered by Google, it’s easy to work it out from the figures they do give. These numbers are useful for comparing and monitoring the complete effectiveness of your campaign. Where most metrics don’t take into account impressions, ask yourself what an impression is worth. It’s essential to take into account those that saw your ad and to include those that didn’t click, it’s a great measure of your exposure and the effectiveness of your adtexts coupled with the effectiveness of your campaign.

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