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Google insights is an effective tool for gathering information about key words which you can then use for either pay per click campaigns or search engine optimisation activity. It helps you find the right keywords to optimise your site for

Insight allows you to compare keywords across time range and location. When you visit insight, enter five search terms which you are interested in and use the filter boxes on the right to choose the location and period of time which you want to analyse them over. Insight will then graph the level of interest for each of your terms using your location and time range. This gives you a good idea of the volume of searches for each keyword and also shows if volume has increased or decreased over time.

Below the graph, there is a map of the location which you selected and the map shows where the searches come from. For example if you use this tool to research Sony, Panasonic and LG across the UK, you will find that most searches for these terms come from London.

The final section of the results is the most useful – it shows high volume keywords relating to your terms – if you enter Panasonic, it returns Panasonic uk, Panasonic Lumix and Panasonic tv. These keywords can then be added to your paid search campaigns. This table also shows related keywords where the volume of searches is rising quickly. Again, you can consider adding these to your paid search campaigns.

If you want to view the results of your insight search frequently, there is a really useful button below the search terms table, the button contains a + sign and a Google logo – if you hit this, the results will be added to your iGoogle page and you will be able to view them each time you visit Google.

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