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Using Google Shopping Campaigns as a Shop Window2 min read

If you were out shopping for something specific and you walked past a shop you knew nothing about, the name on the hoarding alone probably wouldn’t get you through the door – but a glance through the shop window might.  This is a great way of thinking about Google Shopping Campaigns.

Google Shopping Campaigns are a great way you can utilise the power of Google to help you sell your products. Google Shopping Campaigns are a type of campaign within Google’s pay per click advertising platform; Adwords.

Google Shopping Campaigns generate Product Listing Ads (see below for examples) in the Google search results and these ads give the prospective customer a window into what it is that you sell and for how much. As you can see from the image below when someone searches for “red trainers” they will see image ads for a range of different products.

red trainers GSC search

The fact that these types of ads show the price and the product image mean they can act like a shop window and allows prospective customers to decide whether they like the way the product looks and if it’s within their price range before they have even clicked on the ad.

Google Shopping Campaigns are pay per click ads meaning that if someone does not click on the ad you don’t have to pay for it even though it’s been seen. If people do decide to click on one of you ads from Google Shopping it shows that they are interested in your product at the price that you are selling it at. However if people don’t like the look of the product or the price that you are selling it at then they won’t click on the ad and you won’t have to pay any money for it. These ads allow you to avoid the problem of unfulfilled expectations for customers. By showing the customer what the product looks like and how much it is selling for there is no surprise when the customer gets to the site.

This accurate expectation set-up means that Google Shopping Campaigns often have much lower cost per conversion than other forms of marketing and we have seen them work wonders for our clients over the last year.

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