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Fantastic report out this month from Hitwise shows that searches for voucher codes are up 47.5% year on year. A startling increase and one that leaves any site owner asking themselves a couple of questions:

First – should I be on the voucher code sites?

Second – how should I be on them?


The bald answer to the first question is “yes”, because it’s clearly what the UK population is searching for. But, that’s too simplistic an answer.

Looking deeper into the figures it’s clear that a lot of the searches are entertainment based rather than for online shopping:

Top 10 voucher searches in the UK, 4 weeks ending 01/08/09:
1. ‘voucher codes’ (8.4% of voucher-related searches UK over the period)
2. ‘pizza express voucher’ (3.9%)
3. ‘discount vouchers’ (2.9%)
4. ‘vouchers’ (2.2%)
5. ‘my voucher codes’ (2.0%)
6. ‘restaurant vouchers’ (1.9%)
7. ‘tesco vouchers’ (1.6%)
8. ‘pizza hut vouchers’ (1.4%)
9. ‘dominos vouchers’ (1.3%)
10. ‘tesco voucher codes’ (1.2%)

Also, you have to consider if it’s the right thing for you brand. If you’re always discounting, and always some promotion on – then telling the voucher code sites about that promotion, and creating voucher codes on the same offers is a no brainer. These offers could be as simple as “Free P&P over £x”, or “Half price when you buy X”. No matter how simple they are they’ll still get you that extra bit of traffic, that extra bit of awareness.

But if you never discount, and never provide an offer – then you need to really thing through this marketing avenue and the impact it might have on your wider business.

Secondly, once you’ve decided you do need/want to be on them, you need to decide how to go about it. Broadly there are 2 options open to you:

  1. Strike up an individual relationship with each voucher code site you want to be on
    Pay them a fee for inclusion
    Supply them your voucher codes
  2. Use an affiliate network – especially straightforward if you’re already on one!
    The voucher code site will pick up your codes from the network
    Their fee will be the commission earned on any sales

The affiliate network options tends be the most low maintenance – there’s no negotiation to do, you can be up and running very fast, and by communicating via the network you hit all your voucher code sites in one go.

The downside though is that the commission payments (plus the network override) could be more expensive than the monthly fee. And you don’t necessarily have the one to one contact with the voucher code sites.

Read the full hitwise report here

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