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Adwords Editor is a free tool offered by Google to help manage your PPC accounts much more efficiently. It really is worth taking the time to download and get to grips with Adwords Editor as it can make your PPC efforts 100,000,000,000% more efficient. Here is how:
  • Offline Editing– Adwords Editor works offline, so there are no restrictions to when you can use it such as poor or no internet connectivity. As it works offline, the speed is as if it were any other desktop application and is so much quicker to navigate around compared to Adwords.
  • Reviewing – If you need to get any changes that you propose signed off by another person before you can make changes, Adwords Editor makes your life easier by offering the ability to send your proposed changes to your manager. They upload the file then all proposed changes you have suggested will be highlighted within editor itself and then can be approved or amended as the manger wishes, no more messy spreadsheets being sent back and forth!
  • Quick Easy Navigation – Once you get used to the layout, you’ll find it much easier and quicker to navigate than Adwords itself.
  • Easy cutting, copying and pasting – You can easily copy and paste almost anything anywhere in Adwords Editor, even into a separate account! I use the copy and paste function a lot when setting up new adtexts in new adgroups. Simply set up one group of adtexts, then copy and paste them into the new adgroups in a second and then edit them as you wish, a massive time saver.
  • Find/ Replace Tool – This basically works in the same way as Microsoft Word and can be used on keywords and adtexts. If you have rotating promotions where you swap one promotion for another it can make reflecting the change in your adtexts a doddle.
  • Statistics – Adwords Editor enables you to download up to 5 different timelines of statistics and you can then flick between these at a click of a button, really useful to compare keyword performance quickly over different time periods.
  • Flagging Errors – Editor is great at flagging errors before you post, whereas with posting to Adwords you may have to wait before an error is flagged.
  • Keyword Grouper – Looks at your keywords and organises them into more targeted adgroups for you. Currently Adwords itself doesn’t have this feature, useful for finding themes in keywords that you can’t spot yourself.
  • Saving Snapshots – you can save a snapshot of your account for archiving quite simply using editor, a feature not available with the online version

In conclusion, using Adwords editor can help you make changes to your account much faster and easier.

Becky Hopkin

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