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What Is Pay Per Click?2 min read

Would you like the long answer or the short answer?
The short answer is, a very cost effective, targeted form of advertising.
Yes, PPC agency I guess we would say that, but here’s why.

Have you ever taken out advertising in a magazine. newspaper, bus stop, billboard?

I’d imagine the answer to at least one of these is yes.

You pay for the advert, you perfect your artwork, the advert goes live… and NOTHING. There’s no uplift in calls, there’s no increased web traffic there is nothing you can directly attribute to your advertising. Even if you were lucky enough to see a spike in one of these, you can’t directly attribute it to your advertising. You’ve paid for something and have no idea of the return on investment.

Pay Per Click, sometimes referred to as PPC or CPC, is a unique model of online advertising. It’s unique because you don’t have to pay anything for your advert until somebody reacts to it, by clicking on it i.e.: you pay when they click. Your adverts can be carefully targeted using keywords, demographics, geographical data, look-a-like audiences – depending on the platform. This means that even if your audience don’t all interact with your ads your target market are seeing your message and it has cost you nothing! Plus because it is all online it is easy to test different ads and tweak ads with almost immediate effect.

The Marketing Rule of Seven says that a prospective customer has to see your marketing message on average 7 times before they’ll consider buying from you so imagine what PPC advertising could add to your marketing mix. You can place your message in front of your target market across numerous platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Bing without necessarily having to pay for it.

Would you like to know more? Give us a bell on 01865 980 630, or drop us an e-mail, we’ll be happy to chat about your business, your goals and how PPC can help you achieve them.


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