Why Remarketing is a Must-Do for 20122 min read

If I told you I could identify the people on your website who left without buying, and then I could get them back to your site again to buy – you’d be interested wouldn’t you?

Well that’s exactly what remarketing (or retargeting in some circles) enables you to do. With a cunning implementation of cookies, a little marketing know-how and a Google Adwords account you can be remarketing to your “lost” customers in no time at all.

Why Remarketing in 2012?

Well, it’s been around for over a year now – so it’s not because it’s just arrived. There are a number of reasons remarketing should fit really well in any 2012 marketing plan:

  • in this economic climate you need to maximise the return on your marketing spend – by remarketing to people you’ve already paid to get your website you’re improving the performance of ALL your marketing activity
  • it should be really profitable – as you’re advertising to people who are already interested in your brand
  • the fear factor has gone – LOTS of companies are doing it now, so consumers are used to seeing the ads of sites they’ve been too – you don’t need to be scared of what your customers will think
  • you can be very clever with it…. show pictures of women’s clothing to those who looked at womenswear and men’s clothing to those who looked at menswear – so it gets very targeted
  • you can use to reduce abandoned baskets – advertise just to those who’ve created a basket but not checked out
  • you can… well there’s a lot you can do, based on your business and your website structure

We think remarketing is going to bring great results for those who use it in 2012 – if you want to be among them get in contact and we’ll be happy to discuss how it could work for you.

Becky Hopkin

As MD Becky works to ensure Digital Gearbox’s values are being lived, and that our customers are receiving the best service possible. A self-confessed Disney fanatic, Becky loves spending down time with her golden Labrador, Nala, and her young daughter, Emily.

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