Paid social

stay in front of your target customers

Leverage Social Media platorms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

With 3.2 billion users spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes a day on Social Media platforms, the usefulness of a Paid Social campaign might be pretty obvious.

Whether using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, campaigns can be created to reach new audiences, audiences similar to competitors, organic likers of your page, or even previous website visitors.

Our Approach

Like anything PPC-related, Paid Social campaigns are easy to run, and can deliver great results. But left unchecked, or lacking key settings or considerations these campaigns can turn into time and money black holes.

Utilising our experience of running well-oiled, ROI-returning Paid Social campaigns, we create tailored campaigns, designed to stand out and add value.

Case Study

Learn How We Reduced Cornwalls Cottages Average Cost Per Click By 33%