Google Shopping Case Study: Chipex

HOW WE increased chipex's UK & US web orders by 56%

The Situation

Banbury-based web design agency TechniqueWeb approached us to manage Chipex’s Google Ads account after they decided to overhaul and rethink their digital marketing strategy.

Campaign Goals

Already running campaigns for a while at this point Chipex’s performance was decent, but there were opportunities to better segment the accounts to ensure more strategic management.

Our solution

Following our account take over we overhauled the existing Google Ads campaigns in both the UK and US accounts, and replaced them with campaigns and ad group that followed best practice guidelines much better.

On a more detailed level, we rebuilt the Shopping campaigns to better segment car brands and further, the products. With a better functioning campaigns, optimisation was now a breeze!

We also rebuilt the Remarketing campaigns in both accounts with a new strategy to test responses from varying cookie durations. This helped us better understand the people behind the traffic on the website and how they respond to ads, so we could then respond accordingly – removing a lot of the guesswork and data-less decision-making they were previously doing.

Naturally, once we’ve put all this hard work into the accounts, we don’t just leave them to do their own thing! An integral part of our strategy is to continually optimise on weekly, monthly, quarterly and also annual time scales. These are designed to increase conversions, reduce the cost of those conversions and get more people to the website!

Search Ads

display & Remarketing


The Results