ECCO’s Story

ECCO began in Denmark in 1963 with Karl Toosbuy’s dream to create a shoe company driven by the Scandinavian design philosophy of form follows function. Today, they are still owned by the Toosbuy family and are the only major shoe company to own their own production and constantly innovate to improve their ability to make shoes that follow the foot. ECCO Oxford, a former ECCO shoes franchise approached Digital Gearbox to help increase sales on their eCommerce website

Why Google Shopping?

As a franchise, any marketing is highly competitive by nature. There are many others in the UK selling the same product at the same price so it is absolutely imperative to keep on top of your game.

It was important for ECCO Oxford to find some new marketing methods to enable a strong ROI. At this time, Google Shopping Campaigns (GSCs) were a relatively new addition to the Google Ads suite and Digital Gearbox recommended trying this new form of advertising to potentially get more orders at a lower cost for ECCO Oxford.

Our Solution

We saw potential in launching GSCs, so we recommended that they invest some of their marketing budget to take advantage of this new route.

The first stage was to ensure their product feed worked, so we started by analysing the products and product information on ECCO Oxford’s website. Once the feed was in place, we started building out the GSC targeting; implementing the different methods to find the ones that bring the best traffic at the lowest price.

With the account fully set up, the next aim was to focus on continually optimising the ongoing activity. Ongoing optimisation of the GSC’s is essential to keep the account running at a profitable level. There’s also work to be done in refining the targeting, using the optimum levels of traffic for the spend budget available. Doing all this allowed us to keep on pushing for better and better results.

The Results

What The Client Had To Say

“We have had excellent two-way conversions to work towards the optimum for the website and ROI. With our product being shoes, seeing a picture is almost as good as trying them on.”

Hilary Fletcher
ECCO Oxford