How We Slashed Our Customer’s Google Ad Spend Whilst Increasing Traffic and Sales

Less is more. We took on a Google Ads account with over 377,000 keywords, with campaigns in place that were bulky and inefficient, and transformed it into a leaner, meaner version of itself that was able to generate more traffic and more profitable sales for the business.

Here’s how we did it.

The Situation

The client had been utilising PPC advertising to promote themselves online since 2012. They came to us as Google Ads specialists to see if we had any ideas for how we could make their campaigns work harder for them.

An audit of the account revealed they had a very large account with a substantial amount of historical data to review. From this activity, we found a number of opportunities to make their account run more efficiently, predominantly through restructuring their campaigns to improve click-through and conversion rates, which would ultimately improve ROI.

Our Solution

Our first priority was decluttering the account. With over 377,000 keywords in it, the previous agency had filled their campaigns with every possible phrase in relation to their brand and products that anyone could ever search for.

The trouble is, most would never be searched for and were unnecessary additions that were inflating the account, which actually made it much harder to understand what was working well.

We looked at what terms had gained impressions and culled the ones that hadn’t, down to a much more manageable volume of around 7,000 terms. We also introduced a more balanced ratio of different keyword match types, with more broad modified terms to allow us to capture those one-off unusual terms, and exact match terms to allow us to more carefully monitor and manage the bids on the top-performing terms.

Next up we removed the keywords and adgroups that were costing money, but failing to bring a positive return. As the client had linked their Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts together, we were able to analyse transactions as conversions and could clearly see where there had been significant spend levels without profitable returns.

Alongside this we updated all their ads in line with Google’s latest best practice, utilising all the expanded text ad fields along with appropriate ad extensions, and implementing a/b/c adtext testing across the account.

Finally, we identified that Remarketing had been working really well for them in their US market, but this strategy hadn’t been applied across other geographical target areas. We rolled their Remarketing campaign out across another 15 counties to help them stay in front of those audiences who had recently visited their website, long after they had left.


Reduced Click Spend

We reduced overall Google click spend costs by 35%, a significant saving they were able to utilise for other marketing channels.

Increased Clicks

Despite the reduction in spend, we increased clicks by 26% with click-through rates that were on average 31% higher than the previous year.

Improved Revenue

We increased tracked conversion revenue by 13%, improving their return on ad spend (ROAS) by 17%.